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2017 Summer Programs

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St. Peter’s School is proud of the Class of 2017 and excited to share their secondary school choices with the community.


Summer Programs Week 10: AUGUST 21 – 25

August 17th, 2017

Themed Enrichment: Battle of the Bands
Learn all it takes as a group to get to the big show and wow the competition!

1&2 Specialty: Take the Stage
Try your hand at playwriting, designing, and acting in an original story brought to life in one week.

3-5 Specialty: Movie Making
We’ll learn as much as we can in a week about how to create, film, and edit our very own short film.

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Summer Programs Week 9: AUGUST 14 – 18

August 7th, 2017

Themed Enrichment: Mystic Brain Train
The perfect combination of imagination and knowledge, our mystic brain train will take us to unexplored places.

1&2 Specialty: Are We There Yet?
No need to ask when you’re in charge of creating the plan for how we get from Point A to Point B each day.

3-5 Specialty: Robotics
Design, build, program, and test robots utilizing LEGO Mindstorm NXT and EV3 models throughout the week.

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Summer Programs Week 8: AUGUST 7 – 11

July 31st, 2017

Themed Enrichment: Off to the Olympics
Don’t wait four years to enjoy the inspiration, competition, and community of the Summer Olympics.

1&2 Specialty: A World of Legends
Become experts on the legend and lore of various cultures as we dive into amazing stories and science.

3-5 Specialty: Science Olympics CANCELED
Solve science problems efficiently as teams face off to move through various challenges and obstacles.

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Summer Programs Week 7: JULY 31 – AUGUST 4

July 24th, 2017

Themed Enrichment: Lend Me a Hand
Our hands can speak, create, comfort, explore, and do a million other things we’ll discover this week.

1&2 Specialty: Catch ‘Em All
We’ll do more than trade and battle Pokemon this week: Learn strategy, hone math skills, and create original characters.

3-5 Specialty: Touch the Sky
Learn what it takes to design and build amazing structures through research, projects, and tours of the city.

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