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The Early Childhood Division Celebrates Dr. Suess’s Birthday

March 25th, 2009

The Early Childhood Division celebrated Dr. Seuss’s 105th birthday with a special story time in the theater on March 6. The guest reader was none other than Mr. Costello who treated the children to three Dr. Seuss favorites:  Ten Apples Up On Top, The Foot Book, and Green Eggs and Ham.  A fabulous painted curtain designed by Ms. Lewin, one of our Kindergarten teachers, provided a fitting backdrop to Mr. Costello who donned a “Cat in the Hat” hat for his readings.  Several Kindergartners thought Mr. Costello, as the “Cat in the Hat”, was a highlight of the program.  A Prekindergartner said, “When Mr. Costello read the books, he made us laugh.”  Another offered, “I liked when they kept doing funny things with the green eggs and ham.” The celebration continued later that morning as Mrs. Harris’s Kindergarten class sampled scrambled eggs tinted green and ham, and Miss Lewin made green eggs and jam (on bagels) for her students.  Therefore, in answer to Dr. Seuss’s query, these Kindergarteners say, “We do so like green eggs and ham! We do so like them, Sam I Am!”