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Technology at Work

November 18th, 2011

Second Grade Skype Conversation

To “travel” the United States, and compare and contrast urban, suburban, and rural living, the Second Grade had a Skype conversation with a First and Second Grade class in a school just outside of Burlington, Vermont. This class is taught by Mrs. Jessica Keilty Eaton, who many of us remember as a teacher at St. Peter’s School! The children asked each other thoughtful questions about their classes, schools, neighborhoods, and towns. St. Peter’s students thought it was exciting that Mrs. Eaton’s class frequently experienced feet of snow falling along with bear, bobcat, and snake sightings. The children in Vermont enjoyed hearing about  Philadelphia’s cultural institutions including the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Academy of Natural Sciences and well-known Philadelphia foods such as cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, and water ice. This conversation taught the boys and girls that while there might be a number of differences in our communities, many aspects of our lives are very similar. We all had fun using technology to talk to new friends!