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St. Peter’s Soccer Season Concluded

November 15th, 2010

Our teams had a great 2010 season with one of our strongest winning records to date. Students from the Seventh and Eighth grades make up the bulk of our teams.  We also invite a few children from the Fifth and Sixth grades to join the older students for each game so they can gain experience.  The children are coached daily by Mr. Barbiero and Mrs. Hadden.  Our games are either all-girls, all-boys, or co-ed, and good sportsmanship always takes precedent over winning.  The final game of the season was against the Academy in Manyunk.  Tied 2-2 at the end, we went into overtime. After two overtime periods and no goals scored, the players engaged in a shootout.  St. Peter’s won the game and the crowd went wild.  Both teams agreed that it was the most exciting game of the season.  We have launched the basketball season and everyone is excited to get to work!