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St. Peter’s School Weather Station Featured on CBS-3 Segment

September 11th, 2009

“Citizen Science” promotes science literacy — and St. Peter’s School is there! A recent segment on local television station CBS-3 took viewers to the weather station located on the roof of St. Peter’s School. Ms. Lauren Girardi, Upper School science teacher, explained how students’ hands-on involvement made them “citizen scientists,” collecting, tracking and sharing the data on our local weather.

You can see the video here: http://cbs3.com/video/?id=86469@kyw.dayport.com

The feature was part of a story about Science Cheerleader.com, a website created by Darlene Cavalier, trustee and parent of St. Peter’s students Will (Second Grade) and Ronnie (Fifth Grade). The website www.sciencecheerleader.com encourages the general public to first become science literate, and then find ways to be part of the “citizen scientist” movement. According to Mrs. Cavalier, science education leads to more informed participation in the development of government policies on science and technology, a key part of our democratic society.