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St. Peter’s School begins 175th year

September 10th, 2008

On September 4th St. Peter’s School gathered 211 students, its
highest enrollment in many years. This exciting day began with one
of our school traditions, “First Assembly.”This is the event at which faculty, staff and grades one through
eight assemble to welcome all new and returning students, faculty
and staff. We also recognize faculty and staff for their years of
service. During this ceremony we distribute school pins to our
eighth graders as part of our school leadership program. These pins
are a tangible symbol of the respect in which we hold these school
leaders and a visual means of identification so that if a younger
student needs help they know to whom to go. In addition to greeting
old friends and making new ones, the students were welcomed into a
largely remodeled school. Over the course of the summer, offices
and classrooms were redesigned and/or repainted. We all look
forward to a year of dedication to and celebration of our mission
and traditions in this our 175th year.