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St. Peter’s Church Choir Members Sing Backup to Ryan Gosling

October 24th, 2009

Eighteen members of the St. Peter’s Church choir, 17 of whom are either current St. Peter’s School students or alumnae, had the exciting opportunity to sing backup to Dead Man’s Bones, the band Oscar-nominee actor (and former Mouseketeer) Ryan Gosling has formed with his best friend Zack Shields. Dead Man’s Bones performs original songs about ghouls, zombies, and love – a unique combination that draws from their fascination with the spirit world and the Haunted Castle ride at Disneyland. Costumed like ghosts and made up like skeletons, the choristers and Dead Man’s Bones performed to packed houses in New York’s Greenwich Village club Le Poisson Rouge on October 15 and on October 16 at Philadelphia’s Unitarian Church. After the show in Philadelphia, Ryan and the other band members took an hour to talk to the choristers, sign autographs and pose for pictures. This was an amazing opportunity for these young singers to have a real inside look at life in a band, and meet this very kind, attractive and talented man.

Another author wrote: “They were lined up for four blocks in the rain to hear our choristers with Ryan Gosling and Dead Man’s Bones. The concert was a smash success, and our kids were treated like visiting royalty. Ryan (he wouldn’t let us call him “Mr. Gosling” and Zach Shields, his band partner, were the complete gentlemen, the absolute antithesis of the stereotypical Hollywood stars. They could not have been kinder and more appreciative of our children, and brought out the best in them. From the moment we got off the bus until we left the building, film crews followed us and shot every segment of the experience. Many of the kids were interviewed, and this will be done again tomorrow, the DVDs we’ll receive later should be fantastic! The crowd roared their approval every time “let’s hear it for the St. Peter’s Church Choir!” was shouted; at the end, after the third encore, Ryan had every child come up and introduce themselves; everybody got their own moment in the spotlight. This was a far, far, far better experience than I even hoped for; once your children wake up, I’m sure they’ll tell you all about it.”