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SPS Positivity Challenge

January 31st, 2018

This February, the SEL Committee (Social Emotional Learning) will be hosting a challenge to encourage positive thoughts and actions around our school. We have created a calendar that is filled with ways you and your family can spend a few minutes each day being mindful and sharing in positivity. There is no reward or accountability for this challenge; you don’t even need to sign up!  Simply post the Positivity Challenge calendar in your home and join in daily, weekly or whenever you need a boost. We would love to see your participation through pictures and videos. Please send these to kott@st-peters-school.org or use the hashtag #spspositivitymonth to keep us posted on how you are doing.
Click Here to download the Positivity Challenge calendar.
In addition, we will be installing a display on the fence of Wiggins Field. There will be envelopes filled with positive notes and illustrations created by our students. It is our hope that the people in our community will take a note, feel the love, and pass along the positivity. Encourage your friends and family in the area to check it out!