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Seventh Graders Seek Soul Mate for Henry VIII

March 3rd, 2011

Dressed and armed with the knowledge to play their parts, the Seventh Grade History class assumed the roles of Henry VIII and his six wives in a thoroughly modern “Bachelor” scenario. Several members of the St. Peter’s School community assumed the role of Privy Council members to assist Henry VIII in selecting his true soul mate.  Henry the VIII and his six wives answered several rounds of questions about the important issues of the period in order to help Henry VIII finally choose “the one” and receive a Tudor rose! Religious views, lineage, alliances, virtue, education and fertility all came into question as each wife made their case for being Henry’s final selection.  The Privy Council’s role, as Henry’s trusted advisors, was to follow the proceedings carefully, and to select which of the final two wives were best suited for Henry and the monarchy’s needs.  The choice came down to the docile Jane Seymour and the virtuous Katherine Parr, with Katherine Parr being selected as Henry’s soul mate and queen.   Many thanks to all who participated!