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Second, Third and Fourth Grades Visit Wyebrook Farm

May 17th, 2012

On Thursday, May 10th, the students in Second, Third, and Fourth Grades visited beautiful Wyebrook Farm in Honeybrook, Pennsylvania. Dean Carlson, father of a student in Second Grade, owns and operates this picturesque and historical spot stretching over 350 acres in Chester County. The land here has been continuously farmed for over 200 years. Wyebrook Farm provides an alternative to the industrial food supply. By creating a diverse polyculture on their farm, they produce the healthiest animals and best food without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics. On our visit the students learned about sustainable agriculture, a way of raising food that is healthy for consumers and animals, does not harm the environment, is humane for workers, respects animals, provides a fair wage to the farmer, and supports and enhances rural communities. Characteristics of this type of agriculture include: Conservation and preservation, biodiversity, animal welfare and economic viability. The children had so much interacting with the animals in this stunning rural setting, doing everything from finding tadpoles to holding baby chicks. Students ran alongside the herds of cows as they grazed, picked up eggs as they walked among the chickens in the green pasture, and admired pigs and adorable small piglets as they ate. What a lovely spring day to visit Wyebrook Farm!