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Second Grade Visits Mayor Nutter

October 27th, 2008

On Thursday, October 23, St. Peter’s Second Grade visited City Hall. The students went to see local government in action as part of their social studies unit on the Presidential election. They enjoyed riding a Septa bus to City Hall where they attended a City Council meeting.

The children were excited to observe council members discuss a variety of issues that impact life for the citizens of Philadelphia. It was quite an honor for Council-at-Large, William K. Greenlee, to recognize St. Peter’s Second Grade. The students, chaperones and teachers stood and were applauded by everyone in attendance. Our visit was broadcast on channel 64 later that evening.

Next, Anne King, mother of Third Grader Kelly, took the students to see the beautiful Caucus Room where she taught us about the incredible architecture of the space.  Mrs. King then arranged for the group to be invited into the Mayor’s Reception Room where Mayor Michael Nutter was holding a live press conference. The Second Grade was thrilled to hear Mayor Nutter talk about education, referencing their class standing in the back, and cheer on the Phillies,  who had won the first game of the World Series the night before. The children were excited to see all of the photographers and news cameras and happy when a local news camera was turned on them, and they got to wave! Mayor Nutter was kind enough to pose for photographs and meet with the St. Peter’s School group after his press conference.

Teachers, chaperones and students were elated when Mayor Nutter invited the group back to his office! He was generous with his time, answering all of the students’ questions as he personally walked them back to his office. Inside his office he was warm and welcoming, letting the children sit on his furniture and answering their many questions about being mayor. After taking more photographs, Mayor Nutter made sure to shake every hand and say goodbye to each St. Peter’s visitor. This was a very special trip where the students were treated like government VIPs’. Many thanks again to Beverly Leonard, St. Peter’s Learning Specialist, and Anne King for this incredibly special day.