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Safe Routes Philly: How to Stay Safe on Two Wheels

December 11th, 2010

Are bikes really faster than cars within the city limits?  What are the laws for students under 12 years old?  Who has the right of way on the road? Mr. Cy Maramangalam provided an energetic and engaging workshop last week for our Fifth and Sixth Grade students .  He taught the students and faculty about the three pillars of safety: Be Responsible, Be Visible, and Be Predictable.  He showed them ways to check out and maintain bicycle equipment with the “A,B,Cs”: air, brakes, chain, quick release, check whole bike.  Mr. Cy also promoted the benefits of active living and environmental health.  We hope to have him back again soon.  Special thanks to Mr. Weymouth for helping us meet Mr. Cy from Safe Routes Philly. Safe Routes Philly is a youth education and encouragement program provided by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.  They can be found at 215-399-1598 or through their website www.saferoutesphilly.org .