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Relocating Families

Families should start the application process as soon as they learn they will or might be relocating to Philadelphia. The time needed to complete an application varies, and can take anywhere from one weeks to a month. Factors that affect timing include the time it takes for documents to be sent from previous schools and the scheduling of admissions testing or visits.

Because St. Peters School has limitations on space and a cap on enrollment, we strongly encourage all international and out-of-town families to work within the standard admissions deadlines. The Admissions Office will accept and consider late applications from relocating families to fill any remaining available spaces. Click here to review our standard application procedures.

Late Applications: International and out-of-town applicants who have missed the standard admissions deadlines should immediately contact the Admissions Office at rfoster@st-peters-school.org  or (215) 925-3963 x407 about space availability and completing the application process. The Admissions Office will accept and consider late applications from relocating families; however, space may be limited.

How to Apply: St. Peter’s has developed an online Admissions Portal which will allow you to submit an application electronically. You will submit an application, and create a parent account, which will allow you to submit applications for one or more children.

Application Fees: The application fee is $60 and can be paid by e-check or a mailed check.  Please submit payment to: Office of Admissions 319 Lombard Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

Admissions Testing and Visits: Parents of children applying to Kindergarten to Grade 7 should try to secure WISC-IV or other standardized testing where they reside, in the child’s preferred language. Sanit Peter’s Admissions Tests can be sent to the current school to administer on our behalf for applicants Grade 1 and above if a student is not able to visit in person. Applicant visits (Preschool (age 3) through Kindergarten) and classroom visits (Grades 1-7) are encouraged, but can be waived when it is not possible for the applicant to visit.

Campus Tours: Individual tours can be arranged for those who are visiting the Philadelphia area as they plan their relocation. To arrange for a tour, please contact the Admissions Office at 215-925-3963 x407 or rfoster@st-peters-school.org .

Residency Requirement for International Applicants: St. Peter’s School requires its students to live with their parent (s) or legal guardian. At this time we do not assist with student visas.