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Party Like It’s 1985

March 16th, 2018

Get ready to Party Like It’s 1985!
St. Peter’s School’s Blum Library received its last major renovation back in the totally rad 1980s. Thanks to the generosity of many donors, including the Blum Family, students were able to enjoy a brand new, cutting edge library for the time. This library has been a major hub for learning and growing at SPS ever since.
Here we are in 2018, and in this new age of constantly changing technology, we choose to honor the legacy of those who worked to create this special space for our students through our Library Renovation Project. Through funds raised during the Paddle Raise at our Auction, we will ensure our children have a updated library that will inspire a lifelong love of learning and books, as well as keep them on the cutting edge of technology so they can grow to be tomorrow’s success stories. So please join us in partying like it’s 1985 and help bring our library into 2018!
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