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Our Watershed, Our Future

November 2nd, 2010

The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department, partnered with the Philadelphia Water Department, came to St. Peter’s School to give our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students an environmental education lesson. This was the first of five lessons in a series called Clean Land, Clean Water. The Water Department states, “The series focuses on watersheds and includes concepts of landforms, erosion, point and non-point source pollution, storm water runoff, groundwater, sewage treatment, water pollution, the role of plants in the interaction of land and water, and the importance of healthy streams and watersheds for wildlife.”

Last week, representatives from Pennypack Park came to talk to our students about how rainwater flows across the city. The students learned how streets, sidewalks, trees, and even our schoolyard affect where our water goes. The children were able to study a map of the city of Philadelphia, pinpointing our school and imagining how it fits into the whole system. We learned which watershed we are a part of, and we created our own watershed! Thanks to Mrs. Madaline, Mrs. Thorell, and Mr. Van Nesse for connecting with the Philadelphia Water Department for this workshop series.