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NYC Medieval Trip

June 11th, 2012

The 6th Grade had a “divine” trip to New York City as part of their medieval studies in history class.  The class took special tours of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and the Cloisters that focused on the architecture and art of the period. The two structures gave the students a first hand look at the differences between Romanesque and Gothic architecture and the functionality of castles and cathedrals within medieval society. The Unicorn Tapestries, on display at the Cloisters, depicting the story of the hunt of the unicorn, particularly impressed the students with their detail and artistry. At St. John the Divine they participated in a hands-on workshop to create some of the art from this period, including chiseling limestone and making gargoyles out of clay.  The students were full of energy and good cheer making the trip especially enjoyable for all involved.  Thanks to Ms. Fraser and the parent chaperones for leading the trip.