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Mrs. Silver Reads Her Book, Anh’s Anger

November 17th, 2009

Gail Silver, mother of Chelsea (Preschool), Anabel (Third Grade) and Ben (Fourth Grade), read her newly published book, Anh’s Anger, to the students in the ECD and First and Second Grades.  Her book is the first of its kind to suggest a mindful and meditative approach to anger resolution among children.  In the story when Anh feels very angry, his “Anger” is a monster.  As he calms down and is no longer angry, Anh’s “Anger” changes into a flower. The Kindergarten children used watercolors and crayons to create paintings that depicted how their own angers changed.  Their creative responses ranged from “Anger” transforming from a pterodactyl into a macaw and from a goblin to a bunny.  Mrs. Silver’s book teaches all who read or listen to it new skills to use to help them calm down when they are very upset and angry.