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Mayor Nutter Speaks at School Service on Grandparents’/Special Friends’ Day

December 9th, 2009

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is Grandparents’/Special Friends’ Day at St. Peter’s School. This year the School welcomed Mayor Nutter as the guest speaker at our School Service, which was held in St. Peter’s Church. The Mayor spoke to the students and their grandparents and special friends about the importance of giving back, our school theme for the year, emphasizing how it influenced his decision to enter politics. In addition, he kicked off the Eighth Grade sponsored toy drive by donating the first toy for Turning Points for Children. The unwrapped toys will be delivered on December 11.

After the service, the Mayor returned to the school and greeted all of the students with a handshake. He then visited the Seventh and Eight Grades, talked to the students, and posed for pictures. The Mayor’s visit was a high point for the School and we hope that he will be able to come back and visit us again.