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Making Many Friends for St. Peter’s

August 4th, 2011

Every year, before school lets out for the summer, Mr. Costello reminds the students to “make a friend for St. Peter’s,” on their summer vacations.  This summer, Mrs. Bahnck made about 200 new friends while traveling with members of St. Peter’s Church to Guatemala and volunteering at the Canterbury School.  The Canterbury School is a school run by the Episcopal Church outside of Guatemala City in Villa Nueva.
At the school, Mrs. Bahnck helped to plant a vegetable garden and two flower gardens and painted a mural behind the vegetable garden.  She also delivered letters and pictures from many classes at St. Peter’s School.  The students at the Canterbury School were delighted to receive the letters and helped each other translate them into Spanish.  Before she left, each class gave Mrs. Bahnck letters to take to St. Peter’s, so in September each student will have a pen-pal to write back to.  In September, she will share pictures from her trip at assemblies for the Lower and Upper School, telling them more about the country that she says is, “the most beautiful place I have ever been.”