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Kooky Concoctions

April 19th, 2012

On Tuesday, April 17th the Lower School was so happy to welcome Jupiter Jen back to St. Peter’s! We all had so much with her at Science Night last year! In 1999 Jupiter Jen started Science Explorers with a mission to make science fun! Science Explorers is an innovative, hands-on science company dedicated to providing an opportunity for children ages 4 through 11 to become engaged in the wonders of science.Science Explorers can make science cool and exciting through their interactive, hands-on format. They have a motto – If it’s not fun, we are not doing it! Jupiter Jen presented her program titled “Kooky Koncoctions” What does H2O + MnO2 + KI + C18H36O2Na equal? An uproar of thrilled children! We used scientific powers to unleash a genie in a bottle, create a foamy concoction of “elephant toothpaste”, and experiment with CO2 to make floating bubbles and a rainbow of color changes. Our Lower School students had a wild time watching this kooky array of experiments. Who knew steam could be so much fun?