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Hands-On Science

March 29th, 2012

On Tuesday, March 27th, the Lower School was pleased to welcome two very special guests, Ms. Gerri Trooskin, the Director of the Philadelphia Science Festival and Ms. Elizabeth Kelley, the Public Programs Manager at The Franklin Institute. Using very eager student volunteers, a roll of toilet paper, and a leaf blower, Ms. Trooskin and Ms. Kelly created a fun and exciting demonstration of Bernoulli’s Principle for our children!

According to their website, The Philadelphia Science Festival is a ten-day, community-wide celebration of science that takes place annually in April, featuring lectures, debates, hands-on activities, special exhibitions and a variety of other informal science education experiences for Philadelphians of all ages. The Philadelphia Science Festival aims to provide opportunities for all Philadelphians to positively engage with and build a community around science, engineering, and technology by showcasing the role that each plays in the city and region. More information can be found here: http://www.philasciencefestival.org/