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Good Deed – Turner Burns and His Grandma Adopt a Family

December 4th, 2009

Turner Burns and his Grandma adopted a family through Turning Points for Children. They got a list from the family’s special helper and then Turner and his Grandma went to get everything that was on the list. This particular family was a family of three: a mother, father and little girl. Turner helped to pick out all sorts of clothing for the little girl, who is two, and many toys, especially toys with Elmo on them, since he is her favorite thing. It was fun to walk around looking for Elmo! They bought a tiny Christmas tree with lights and a few extra goodies for the house, and will deliver them to the family’s special helper this week. Turner and his Grandma had a lot of fun picking things out together. The best part was knowing that someone else’s Christmas will be a little more jolly this year.