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Good Deed-Tioga Mural Art Project

July 21st, 2009

Mrs. Mack and Mr. Mack are volunteering services and donating materials toward a good deed that they are giving to an environmental and social service project. The Green Sanctuary Committee in coordination with the Ending Racism Committee of the Unitarian Society of Germantown is embarking on creating a mural to beautify and lift the spirits of people who live in and around a Gaudenzia House in the Tioga section of Philadelphia. This Gaudenzia House is a traditional housing for moms who have problems with substance abuse. The children live with their moms. The moms, children, and some volunteers will start painting the mural next summer.

The artist and coordinator of this project is Suzanne Matlock (215-753-7131). The first step is to collect donated tools and materials: old painting tools, old rags, clean-up supplies and leftover tiles, mortar, and grout. Mr. and Mrs. Mack found several old cans of paint in their basement which they donated to this wonderful cause. If you have any of the above materials that you would like to offer during the next two months, please contact Mrs. Mack at gerimackartist@aol.com and she will let you know where to drop off the materials or arrange for a pick-up.