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Good Deed: The Sixth Grade Saved Rocky’s Life

June 4th, 2009

One day, Teddy Cavalier, little brother of Ronnie (Fourth Grade) and Will (First Grade), found a small painted turtle in Washington Square Park. Unfortunately, he had been hit by a car and would not survive long in the “wild”. It was determined that Rocky did not live in Washington Square Park, but was probably abandoned by an owner who could no longer take care of the turtle. The Cavalier family scooped up the little turtle and brought him to Society Hill. Rocky lived in their backyard for a week eating goldfish and turtle food. Then, the 6th Grade of St. Peter’s School decided to adopt the four-legged friend! A terrarium was set up in the Science Lab and the 6th grade pledged to take care of Rocky for the rest of his life! The class named the turtle “Rocky Slowsky” after the beloved Philadelphia based film “Rocky” and the equally loved Comcast commercials. Rocky continues to thrive in the Science Lab. Come and see our addition!