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Good Deed: St. Peter’s Food Cupboard

March 6th, 2009

At both Lower School and Upper School assemblies every week, students and faculty members donate cans and dry goods for the St. Peter’s Church Food Cupboard. Every Wednesday morning, Grade Seven, accompanied by Ms. Girardi, takes canned goods collected weekly at Morning Assemblies over to the nearby Church House. Not only do the students bring non-perishable items for the needy, but the class also helps to build the food bags. The children carry numerous boxes and cartons filled with donated food from the basement of the Church house upstairs to the main parlor. There, the class groups the food based on their nutrition type. The class assembles paper bags and counts the canned goods. Grade Four, under the guidance of Mr. Van Nesse and Ms. Thorell, comes each Wednesday afternoon to carefully bag and display the organized food. The students typically pack around 72 bags every week for the less fortunate people who line up on Saturday mornings for their donated food bags.  This is a longstanding tradition for St. Peter’s School and St. Peter’s Church.