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Good Deed-Second Grade Limericks

March 18th, 2009

The Second Grade spent many weeks learning about and creating limericks.  They were enthralled with how funny limericks could be and decided that this type of poetry would be great if used to cheer people up.  After mulling around a couple of choices, the children decided they wanted to give it to other children who needed some humor. They chose the patients at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.  Each child then composed two original limericks and typed them on the computer.  After using the writing process to edit their creations, the children printed and illustrated.  The pages were then laminated and bound.

The children decided the book should go to CHOP.  With much help from Christina Bergqvist, mother of Second Grader, Erik DeBaun and Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics at CHOP, a visit was arranged for the children to donate their book.  The hospital was thrilled to receive the one-of-kind book to share with their patients and delighted the St. Peter’s Second Graders with cookies, stuffed teddy bears, and certificates of appreciation.