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Good Deed- Role Models who Read and Deliver

November 13th, 2009

Ronnie Cavalier, Leo Kivell & James McGivern delivered nearly 100 books to North Philly’s Community Partnership School(CPS). CPS is an innovative school offering children from low-wealth neighborhoods the same quality education as private schools.  www.communitypartnershipschool.org

The boys had added their own allowances to funds raised at a recent American Bar Association Book Drive.  Armed with the CPS teachers’ wishlist and a budget, the boys spent several hours at Headhouse Books deciding on their own which books to select to maximize the impact of this gift.  (Eighth Graders Leo and James added a Shakespeare tome in a ‘shout-out’ to Ms. Kreider.)

The boys were then invited to CPS’s school service to read to the entire school and tell the students about St. Peter’s.  Resplendent in their St. Peter’s uniforms, our ambassadors introduced themselves, read aloud, then fielded questions from teachers and students alike. The students at CPS, an engaging, book-loving crowd, were enthusiastic listeners and active questioners.  Following the assembly, the CPS children collectively declaimed a poem for our boys.