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Good Deed: Please Help the “Foster Mother for Felines”

June 23rd, 2009

Susan McAnally is a proud foster parent for 3 kittens and a mother cat. Last week a mommy cat arrived at Susan’s front door with 3 babies in tow.  The beautiful Maine Coon Mom, gray ‘furry teddy bear’ boy and her cream colored tabby twin girls soon will be in need of a home. Susan is working diligently to socialize the kittens. They are getting accustomed to humans and doing very well. The Mom Cat is very sociable and lovable. She is even warming up to the house cats. We cannot adopt this family as we adopted a foster cat family last year and our home is full. They are receiving health care, vaccines and neutering through the SPCA Foster Program.

If you know anyone who could provide a loving forever home to Susan’s adorable fosters please contact Susan’s Mom @ 215-284-1907 or susanpmcanally@gmail.com.

Susan P. McAnally RN, BSN, CCRN