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Good Deed – Miss Lewin’s Class “Adopts a Pig” for Cancer Patients

December 3rd, 2009

Miss Lewin’s Kindergarten class adopted a pig (or a piggy bank, that is!) through the Adopt- a -Pig program. This organization sells piggy banks that are painted by childhood cancer patients and survivors. After the initial donation to adopt the piggy bank, all spare change that is collected in the bank is also donated to the organization. The money helps families of children who are being treated for cancer at Dupont Hospital. Miss Lewin’s class decorated a “home” for their piggy bank, “Sunshine”, to sit on in the school lobby, so that all of their St. Peter’s friends could “feed the piggy” for one week. The children also created colorful posters to display in the school to encourage everyone to donate their spare change. After a trip to the coin counter at TD Bank, the class was thrilled to learn that they collected $79. They sent their check, along with a class photo and holiday card, to the family that started the Adopt- a -Pig. To adopt a piggy bank of your very own, visit http://www.adoptapig.org