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Good Deed: Leo Kivell Walks Against Hunger with His Class’ Support

April 23rd, 2009

Seventh Grader Leo Kivell participated in the Greater Philadelphia Walk Against Hunger on April 11th. In order to support Leo, his classmates organized a bake sale raising $255.35 to help the hungry of Philadelphia. As a result of Leo’s efforts and those who supported him, he raised almost $4000.00 for the cause. From Leo’s journal entry: “My name is Leo. I am 13 years old. As you know, the economy is in rough shape. People are suffering. We need to help. The Walk Against Hunger raises money for the St. Peter’s Church Food Cupboard. I have volunteered there ever since I was little. Please help me feed the poor by donating your money. Every bit helps. Or come walk with me on April 11th. THANK YOU!”

(Pictured are the Seventh Grade students preparing for the all-school bake sale by purchasing some items for themselves.)