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Good Deed-Battery Recycling Program

May 26th, 2009

This year, Mrs. Rentschler’s Third Grade class led by Sully Burns, organized a battery recycling program, and it was a huge success. Many families brought batteries from home and put them in the big green collection box. (Preschooler Charlie Haines, found a bunch of old batteries on the West Lawn and brought them all in! So he recycled and helped clean up the lawn!) To date, 644 644 batteries have been collected.  Sully will take them to Ritz Camera so that they can recycle them. What an enormous amount of mercury was kept from our waterways. This program was such a success that Mrs. Rentschler has decided to keep the battery box going into next year, making the Third Grade the permanent home for battery recycling batteries at St. Peter’s. That’s a Good Deed that keeps on giving!