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Good Deed- a Thanksgiving Feast Fit for an Army

December 1st, 2009

On Tuesday afternoon, November 24, 2009, St. Peter’s School was well represented at the St. Peter’s Church food cupboard sorting project— an annual project of the Church. Quinn Bowie, Sam Aslansan, Owen Hall and brothers George and Mason, James McGivern, Ronnie and Will Cavalier, Igor and Sacha Huston, Ella Komita-Moussa and Sarah Beckley tackled pallets of canned goods that were donated as a result of food drives held at other schools. After sorting the food into soups, vegetables, fruit and other categories, the food will be donated to food cupboards and soup kitchens throughout the area.

Pictured is the lovely St. Peter’s Church Parish House on Pine Street where St. Peter’s Church members and St. Peter’s School students work every week to keep the Food Cupboard organized.