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First Graders Transform St. Peter’s Theater into a Rain Forest

May 18th, 2010

The First Grade created its own “rain forest” in the theater on April 29th as a culminating activity for a month-long study of the rain forest habitat.  The students made vines, leaves, and flowers, and drew pictures of animals, which were hung on columns and draped from the ceiling. The First Graders used this environment to showcase the reports and dioramas on rain forest animals that the students had produced in their classrooms.

In the weeks leading up to this presentation, the First Graders used books and other resources to find facts about their animals.  The students recorded the facts in their own words, and then they organized their information into a formal report.  In addition, each First Grader created a large diorama that showed his/her animal as it might be found in the rain forest habitat.

On the day of the presentation, the two First Grade classes welcomed their parents and the other St. Peter’s students to the “rain forest.”  They sat next to their dioramas, read their reports to those who stopped by their tables, and answered any questions.  The St. Peter’s First Grade students were very pleased to have this opportunity to showcase their hard work!