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Family Testimonials

Responses from the 2016 Hipster Henry Annual School Survey, in which SPS earned most parent participation!

Question: What makes your school great?
Tell parents why they should consider it for their family.

St. Peter’s is the real deal. It is the most authentic school we visited. Faculty and administration is focused on the right things and the kids are wonderful…smart and kind.
The sense of community within the school is amazing. Everyone knows everyone in the school. From the time my son started in Kindergarten, I feel like all the students and teachers made it a point to know who he was. He would walk down the hall and the 8th graders would say “Hi” to him and call him by name. He is now in 4th grade, and that tradition has continued.
The individual attention given to each student by the staff and faculty of St. Peter’s is what sets this school apart from the rest. The learning environment is challenging and nurturing at the same time. But what matters most is my child’s eagerness to go to school every morning.
Teachers get to know not only your child but your whole family. They are proactive and truly care about your child(ren). They know when your child is having a good or bad day at school. They are able to tell when your child is having trouble in a subject before they even fall behind.
We send our two school age boys to St. Peter’s, and in a few years, we will be sending our third. St Peter’s is everything we want in a school. It combines a structured environment with academic excellence that really, truly is tailored to each and every child…, and it is leavened daily with a great deal of love. Families are genuinely warm with one another; the teachers are fantastic; the overall sense of the community is that everyone wants everyone else to succeed at St. Peter’s, and then to succeed thereafter along whatever path life takes them. My sons are not unduly pressured, and yet they are both learning at a pace years above grade level. They have both formed strong friendships. They regard their classmates in a way that feels familial. Our experience of the school feels ideal because it quite simply has been ideal. My sons are very happy, every day, to be going to school, and I am happy knowing that they are there.
The school encourages children to play and be children. The teachers and administrators all share the philosophy that childhood is short and precious and [they] don’t want to rush the children into growing up. By allowing them to be children, the students, thrive and often exceed academic expectations.
My child is treated as an individual and is honored for her unique qualities. The teachers are great, the classroom inspires creativity, and the administration has the best in mind with forward thinking while honoring tradition. This is a school to be explored. We’ve loved our experience.
It is small, very personal and has highly qualified professionals. The school is the extension of my house. My children learn in a nurturing environment with academic rigor.

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St. Peter’s School Family Testimonials

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Jianbo Shi P ’19 ’21
My children have been attending St. Peter’s School for the past six years. The School is a place where they look forward to going everyday and come home from with laughter.

Kevin Miller P ’16 ’19
We have two kids who started at St. Peter’s in Preschool; one is now in high school and the other is in Sixth Grade. Our experience has been fantastic. St. Peter’s School provides a great education in a really nurturing environment.

Ann Louise Markham P ’21 ’25

  • Every year, every grade, SPS works magic – challenging our children with outstanding academics, special clubs, and dynamic classrooms.
Claudia Miller P ’16 ’19
St. Peter’s has been more than just a school for our family. It is a special community where wonderful friendships are formed (for parents and children alike). There are many things that we love about St. Peter’s.

Daisy Fried P ’21
When my daughter Maisie was in first grade, she decided that instead of merely shaking the Headmaster’s hand at the front door (a venerated daily ritual), she would call “tag!” and tap him, then shake his hand.

Suzie Pileggi Pawelski and Dr. James Pawelski P ’25
We feel truly blessed to have our son be part of the St. Peter’s School family.