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Preschool through Third Grade Themed Enrichment Weeks


Allow children to experience a little bit of everything! Each week offers a different theme to guide curriculum in various classes such as science, drama, foreign language, art, history, and many more specially tailored to the unique week. Students entering 1st Grade or above are given a deeper look into the theme with special afternoon activities and experiences each week.

Half Day (8:30 AM – 12:15 PM) $295/Week
Full Day (8:30 AM – 4:00 PM) $395/Week
Special Discounts

Week of June 18
Summer Safari
Kick off Summer 2018 as we journey deep into the heart of the jungle to explore all it has to offer.

Week of June 25
A Week at the World Cup
Become a super fan this week as we root for the teams, travel the world, and explore every aspect of soccer!

July 4th Week
DIY 4th of July! (Monday 7/2 & Tuesday 7/3)
Work together to create various decorations, foods, and accessories to prepare for an explosive holiday!
Fun & Games (Thursday 7/5 & Friday 7/6)
Learn new games, share some of your own, and even create a new one collaboratively as we have a blast together.

Week of July 9
Deep Blue Sea
Hop aboard the ship this week as we explore the wonders and mysteries of the deep.

Week of July 16
Return to the Lab
Dr. Furorem welcomes us into the lab once again as we hope to be more than assistants this time.

Week of July 23

Code Breakers
Test out your sleuthing skills as this week is all about keeping secrets and solving clues to answer the ultimate whodunnit.

Week of July 30

Magic Academy
Welcome to your first week of class – where you’ll learn about spells, potions, and magical creatures!  

Week of August 6

Beyond the Body
Health is more than just eating right so we’ll explore all the ways we can stay healthy individuals and as a community.

Week of August 13
The Kids’ Kitchen
More than just making food; we’ll explore nutrition, menu planning, design, and more as we transform our space.

Week of August 20
Wonders of the Ancient World
This week’s activities and explorations offer a dynamic and creative blend of time travel, culture, and architecture.

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Special Discounts

Sibling Discount
$50 off Second Child Each Week
$75 off Third Child Each Week
CANNOT be combined with Multiple Week Discount

Multiple Week Discount
$25 off Each Week Beyond First Purchased
CANNOT be combined with Sibling Discount

Early Bird Discount
10% off Entire Order if Registering Before April 6, 2018
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