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Second through Fifth Grade Specialty Programs

Join us for a week designed to engage our older students by exploring a topic with more depth and expertise. Merging this topical focus with free play and exploration, students will enjoy their week through hands-on experiences and group projects.

Full Day (8:30 AM – 3:30 PM) $475/Week
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Week of June 18
Imagine, Innovate, Invent
Keep those brains churning as we devote a week to turning ideas into reality–inspired by great minds of the past.

Week of June 25
City Sports
Students explore the sports of Philly, play loads of games, and enjoy daily field trips or visits!

July 4th Week
DIY 4th of July! (Monday 7/2 & Tuesday 7/3)
Work together to create various decorations, foods, and accessories to prepare for an explosive holiday!
Fun & Games (Thursday 7/5 & Friday 7/6) – prorated for 2 days
Learn new games, share some of your own, and even create a new one collaboratively as we have a blast together.

Week of July 9
Team Jacques Cousteau
Dive deep as we take the lead from the great ocean explorer and work towards some discoveries of our own.

Week of July 16
City Sports II
Join us again or for your first time as we continue to explore sports and teams in and around the city.

Week of July 23
Solving the Case
Put your deduction skills to the test this week as we solve daily cases and have a blast doing it.

Week of July 30: This week of Summer Programs is currently at capacity. Please email summer@st-peters-school.org to check on availability.
Learn the basics or practice your skills in this challenge-based week for programmers of all levels.

Week of August 6
Design Challenge
Whether it’s clothes, puppets, gardens, or ads, put your design skills to the test with daily challenges and activities.

Week of August 13
Live Action Role Play
Build a world, develop characters, design a story, and explore all you’ve created in this immersive and creative week.

Week of August 20: This week of Summer Programs is currently at capacity. Please email summer@st-peters-school.org to check on availability.
Film & Photography
Learn the basics this week as we explore getting the shot and telling a story through a variety of mediums.

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$25 off Each Week Beyond First Purchased
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