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Echo Hill 2008: A Wonderful Tradition of Science and Leadership

October 15th, 2008

Recently, our Seventh and Eighth grade students and four teachers went to Echo Hill Outdoor School.  Located along Maryland’s eastern shore, Echo Hill features activities on land and sea.  Our students took part in two adventure/team building activities: the Giant Swing and the Pathfinder.  The swing features a prodigious drop while the Pathfinder is a challenging climbing activity.  While a student swung or climbed, the rest of the group supported him or her both mentally and physically.  It was a true team effort.  Our group also hiked at night with only the moon and stars to guide us.  We were treated to a beachside cookout, a swamp ride on the legendary “scanoe”, and many group bonding games.  Science activities included discussions about conservation and bay ecology studies.  A day-long voyage on Echo Hill’s sailing skipjack and motorized “buy boat” was a highlight for everyone.  Prior History and Science classroom lessons at St. Peter’s made our stay relevant, fun, and exciting.  The students will remember Echo Hill for many years to come.
Notably, the Echo Hill Outdoor School staff helped make our three-day trip a success.  Special thanks go to our chaperones, Mr. Adame, Ms Mazza, Miss Girardi, and Mr. Weymouth.  Next year we will return to high ground in the Poconos!