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Cellophane House- A Trip Celebrating Architecture, Design, Science, and Modern Art

October 23rd, 2008

Last week, the Fifth Grade and some lucky adults ventured to New York to experience “Home Delivery,” a special exhibit exploring prefabricated homes at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). James Timberlake (father of Harrison-Fifth Grade and Veronica-First Grade) guided our group from start to finish.  He and his business partner, Steven Keiran, designed a fabulous modern residence, a prototype of a home that may soon come to a neighborhood near you!  Cellophane House is five stories tall and is constructed out of aluminum, glass, and a high tech material called Smart Wrap.  Cellophane House incorporates solar panels, intelligent ventilation, and the ability to recycle 90% of the materials as a mere few of its “green” technologies.  The flexible construction of the house will lead to “mass customization” much like how we design and build cars today.  You can order the base model or something more luxurious ahead of time and have it delivered, prefabricated, to your building site.

We also visited the other four specially designed homes on the outside lot of MoMA.  Then we ate a delicious lunch at the MoMA Café and toured the indoor Home Delivery exhibit.  The children and faculty are indebted to Mr. Timberlake for taking us on this “chance of a lifetime” trip to see his masterpiece on view at such an incredible museum!