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Alumni Testimonials

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How did St. Peter’s School prepare you for secondary school, college, and adulthood?

St. Peter’s provided me with the necessary foundation to succeed in high school and has given me a worldly view that not many middle schoolers have. Without the strong academic foundation and amazing teachers who believed in me, I don’t think I’d be the same person or student. The strong moral compass at St. Peter’s is what makes it distinct. I’ll always remember that for almost ten years of my life, St. Peter’s was home, and the people in it were my family.

Karin Hananel ’14
SPS taught me so many skills that made high school and college cake. There were so many topics that ended up being a review. St. Peter’s taught me good study habits and prepared me for the workload in high school and college, which [felt] almost easy.

John Joe Fresta ’09
I think about how close you become with all the teachers and students. The school isn’t very big so everyone knows everyone. Additionally, Declamation helped me feel comfortable talking in front of large crowds, and the study techniques I learned at SPS, I still use to this day.

Quinten Staton ’10
I feel prepared for all of my classes, and I did not feel behind in subjects at the beginning of the year. The high school application process will help with the college application process, and I interview better because of it. I carry on the morals that SPS taught me.

Victoria Rosa ’16
The intimate setting and personal relationships with my teachers made education so much more than just memorizing textbooks. I felt truly immersed in all types of knowledge throughout my time at St. Peter’s.

Meredith Albert ’99
SPS showed me how to get out of my comfort zone.

Devon Greaves ’16
It was a great foundation, and it helped teach me how to learn, which is invaluable. I learned how to communicate with others and build relationships.

Anne Wilcox ’04
SPS taught me great public speaking skills.

Jack D’Angelo ’16
St. Peter’s made me want to be a better man.

Nick Volpe ’00
I had such an extensive and enriching English curriculum [at SPS], one that helped me excel in note taking, socratic seminars, and understanding text. I skipped English I and went straight to English II (a sophomore class) as a freshman. I am currently a junior working on my senior exit. The books I am reading this year are ones I previously read at St. Peter’s: The Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, and Hamlet. To me, it is so interesting that the books I read in 5th, 6th, and 8th grade are the same ones I am currently reading in my AP Literature class.

Susan McAnally ’14
SPS taught me how to learn.

Rita Acchione ’01
I think it promoted the value of education for me. Also, it encouraged me to research things I wanted to know more about, which sounds insignificant, but is not.

Anonymous ’01
St. Peter’s School prepared me for high school by teaching me what was needed, how to be a part of a community, and to respect others and be kind towards them.

John Phuong ’16
Declamation was huge! I honestly think it was the best educational experience I’ve had at any institution I’ve attended. The moments of learning were so special at St. Peter’s.

Marisa Rosenthal ’99
St. Peter’s has given me a great foundation, both academically and socially, for both high school and college.

Seamus O’Brien ’12