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Adios to Our Exchange Student

December 13th, 2011

We bid farewell to our wonderful Guatemalan exchange student, Eugenia Giron, this month.  Eugenia came to St. Peter’s for eight weeks as part of an intercultural exchange program and she stayed with the Lecuona – Gahunia family. First Grader Galvan Gahunia was delighted to have a big sister for a few weeks.  Eugenia turned 14 years old while here (with great fanfare) and was an outstanding addition to our Seventh Grade.  Before she came to our school, Eugenia wrote, “I know that this will be a really nice and beautiful experience.  I also know I won’t forget this ever!”  At the end of the program, we know that her experience here was “beautiful” and all who got to know her felt better for it!

Eugenia excelled in her classes here, scoring high marks on assignments and tests.  She enjoyed our full program and even played on our soccer team, scoring a few goals during the season!  Eugenia presented a speech and slide show about her home country at Lower and Upper School assemblies.  Everyone acknowledged her poise and maturity as a presenter.  Eugenia is completing her “summer break” and will return to classes at her school in Guatemala.  Many of us look forward to staying in touch with this kind, warm, smart, and giving young lady.  Eugenia will always have friends and a home here at St. Peter’s School, and we hope that she will return to visit!  She has been a wonderful ambassador of her country.  We send her back to Guatemala with the hope that she will spread the warmth and good will of the St. Peter’s School community with her family and friends.

(Eugenia is pictured presenting her speech about Guatemala).