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Academic Finales

June 1st, 2011

There are many wonderful ways to finish a school year and St. Peter’s has an assortment of traditions to conclude each grade.  Some examples may shed light on the variety and student-centered nature of this work.  The ECD has been transformed into a magical art museum with works inspired by many well-known artists.  The 3rd grade is in final rehearsals for their annual puppet show to present in the Alumni Theater.  The students create the puppets in art class and write and act the puppet show for the Lower School and the parents.  The 5th Grade just presented their own Odyssey plays with all of the vigor of the original ancient Greek thespians.  The 6th Grade has constructed motte-and-bailey castles.  Designed to be simpler than those of previous years, these castles will undergo an actual scale siege to see whether the engineering and craftsmanship can handle an attack.  Another fine example is the work of our 8th grade authors: there are fabulous Jane Austen Folios created by the 8th grade that are displayed in the School’s main parlor.  We are proud of all of our students’ work as we near the end of another excellent year at St. Peter’s School.